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KOersief - How challenges drive innovation

Publications  07-08-2018
KOers is the study association for Structural Designers at the Technical University in Eindhoven (TU/e) and KOersief is their magazine. This time the theme was sustainability and the use of design tools. Octatube contributed by explaning more about how we use parametric design to save time and costs.

Bouwwereld - Bicycle parking Vijfhoek

Publications  03-07-2018
The bicycle parking garage Strawinsky is striking because of its glass entrance with Y-shaped columns in the middle and a light roof construction made of strip steel in hexagonal shapes.

New shelter for the Glass Hall

News  29-06-2018
Circularity in construction

Tour of the Enterprises

News  19-06-2018
The municipality of Delft organises Tour of the Enterprises to introduce students to the businesscommunity in Delft.

Visit from the British School in The Netherlands

News  14-06-2018
A fun and informative day to introduce the pupils to the work we do.

The first mock-up for AFAS is ready!

News  29-05-2018
The mock-up assessment is often an exciting moment that everyone involved in the project looks forward to!
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